Saturday, June 5, 2010

How much do you love me?

Angelica Polen
BP9 Inghrom N Ougdal 45253
P. Ourzazate, Morocco

Wish list:
-Softlips/Burts Bee chapstick
-Nalgene water bottle
-Crystal Light packets (pink lemonade and berry flavors are yummy)
-Hand sanitizer (little bottles to put in my bags when I travel)
-Scotch tape
-Ziploc bags (all sizes)
-Duct tape
-Putty wall stuff and hooks for hanging things in houses
-Baby powder
-Deodorant (clinical strength is better- hey, I live in Africa!)
-Nail Polish (you would be amazed how painting my toes can make a terrible day good again)
-Velveeta cheese (or boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese)
-Ranch (hidden valley, dry packets good too)
-Taco seasoning
-Pictures are ALWAYS fabulous to decorate my house with (photo frames are a PLUS!)
-Music (old or new CDs, anything you think I might like I probably will!)
-Popcorn seasoning (the powdered stuff)
-Candy (M&Ms, Snickers, Reeses)
-Super glue
-Other fun things you'd want living in rural Morocco

Tips for sending packages:

  • Please make sure the package is CLEARLY marked as a gift 
  • Make sure the box is listed as UNDER $50.00 IN VALUE. Otherwise I will get charged a crazy amount for taxes when I go to pick up the box 
  • The less packaging the better, as I have to burn/bury my trash. Be creative, I can always use Ziploc bags of all sizes so take things out of boxes and put them in here. If you have a long sleeve or quarter sleeve shirt or ankle length skirt you don’t want wrap gifts in those (or go to arc and pick one out for me), pack things into a nalgene, that sort of thing


  1. taco seasoning?? that needs a better explanation.

  2. you sure are asking for a lot lol.... but its a very good list! I would very well benefit from it all as well here in Morocco. Especially the deodorant!