Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aubrey Sacco

Recently I was traveling into Ourzazate on the souk bus and I began to think about what an amazing experience I’m having here in Morocco, living among the people, learning the language and being able to participate in a lot of day to day activities I would never be able to experience as a tourist. Not many people get to experience such things as work, family and fear seem to get in the way. I have been very fortunate to have met some AMAZING people along my life, many of whom through Semester at Sea, Peace Corps and other paths in my life. Some of these people I will probably never see again, as our paths may not cross again, but they have all touched my heart somehow.

One always KNOWS when they meet someone in life that is destined for great things. For anyone who knows Aubrey Sacco you know she was one of those people. I only had the pleasure of meeting Aubrey twice in the dorms, as she was a good friend of my suitemate, Kari. She was loud, in your face and crazy, quite honestly she irritated me due to her loudness through the wall. But I remember seeing some of her information on facebook, of her travels and adventures and also hearing about her trips through Kari. Aubrey wasn’t afraid to just GO and do something. She is an inspiration to me and many others in the way she traveled through the world in search of something else.

Aubrey took a bus from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi on April 19th and began a 7-8 day trek in the Himalayas on April 20th. She was following the Lonely Planet Trek Guide and would have returned to Kathmandu April 30th-May1st. Unfortunately, no one has heard from her since she began the trek. She is trekking alone.
The above was take from the Facebook group, please visit and donate if you can to aid in the safe return of Aubrey Sacco and to learn more information about this unfortunate event)

Anyone who has friends or family who has traveled knows this is really a friends/mother/sister/fathers worst nightmare. We also know how difficult the red tape of another country can make it to find someone missing. I'm writing this blog with hopes SOMEONE sees it and knows someone who knows the area, has a friend in the area or plans to travel in the area. Us travelers have to take care of each other, wouldn’t you want the same done for yourself? As a fellow traveler, Aubreys missing really hits close to home. My thoughts are with her, always, until she gets off that plane in DIA to her many friends and family that have been awaiting her return.

“Aubrey has been spreading glitter around the world, touching lives and living her dreams”
Please get home safe Aubrey. Much positive energy from Morocco.

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  1. Jelly, We'll def see each other again. Dont you worry! I hope Aubrey returns home safe and sound.