Saturday, April 17, 2010

Amzwaru, Wissen, Wisskrad....

Amzwaru (first): if people dont start commenting on this blog I'm not going to continue it since its quite a pain in the butt to type everything out, get to internet and then have 0 comments (except the one from zeke and my sister, thanks)

Wissen (second): I've posted new pics on my FB (its a lot faster on FB so check em out)

Wisskrad (third): I've learned my final site and will be going to Tidili, which is in the ourzazate province. It was rather anti-climatic to learn this at first but after we realized we already knew the dialect and would not have to travel by bus for 13 hours it became a lot more appealing. I also go placed by a friend of mine, Alexa. She is only an hour and a half away so thats super exciting. ALSO- I will have a site mate. I have yet to meet him, but his name is Andy and hes been here in Morocco for his two years but is staying for a third. So thats pretty exciting.

Im off to meet Andy and head to my site tomorrow... Hopefully I will come back to some comments :)

<3 Loves!


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  2. Don't stop blogging! You'll be able to look back later on and remember every little thing that you did! It sounds like you're having an interesting time! And definitely don't stop posting new pics on facebook!

  3. OK, OK, stop yelling at me... see, I'm responding...? I love you and finally remembered to reply to your blog, er... finally remembered you have a blog... hey I'm old, leave me alone. I have alot of blogs to read, but am loving your pics. You are living an amazing life experience that will no doubt have a wonderfully huge impact on your life. I've said it before, but will say it again -- I am very proud of you now and who you will become because of this experience. (Now that you're blog is in my favorites I may even reply more...) -Dad