Thursday, September 15, 2011

Videos from Country Part I

Yes, i'm alive after Ramadan!  Its on my to-do list to write a little more about my overall experience with fasting and such but for now I'm in the city so I wanted to post some videos I've taken while being here.  Below are some videos i've had for a while.... Enjoy!

Snow Days
This is a video I took up on my roof in March.  I'm on the phone with a friend (hence the "hang ons" in my part) because i wasn't sure how my community would feel about me filming them on their roofs.  The houses here are made of mud so when it snows a lot everyone has to go on their roofs to shovel the snow off (otherwise the snow melts into water and the houses start to leak or fall apart.)  I just did a big circle with the camera so you could get a sense so everyone on their roofs and all the snow thats fallen onto mine.

Spring Camp Dancing
This video is from Spring Camp.  Spring Camp is an camp that youth development volunteers organize and help facilitate every year.  All PCVs are asked to help teach English and work with the kids.  In April I went with 5 other volunteers to help out.  There was a lot of dancing like this that occurred between events and every evening.  One thing we get pretty comfortable with here as volunteers is making fools of ourselves.  This is just one example with all the dancing/clapping/smiling.

Morocco's Own MJ
This video was from one of two talent shows we had.  This kid was a gooood dancer.  Other kids did dance acts, sang (acapella!!  These kids had no fear!), did comedy kits, told jokes and lots of other stuff.  It was fun to watch the kids performing for each other.  If a talent show like this was happening in America I think people would be bullying each other, making fun of each others or too afraid to do the acts they did in front of their peers.  I was sooo impressed with these kids confidence! be continued in the next blog post!

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