Monday, February 21, 2011

Request for help from YOU!

So.... have you been thinking "How can I help Angelica and all the work shes doing (other than sending her an awesome care package, of course?)"  Lucky for you I know just how!  
Recently a village in my community expressed interest/want for a Sanitation System since they currently don’t have one… However, it’s expensive and not something I can cover with a Peace Corps grant.  So- we’ve (myself and community) written up another grant and now I need contributions from friends and family at home.  The total amount we need to complete this project is $9,227, but my community will contribute $4,327 (which is 46% of the final budget!) though labor, transportation and other various tasks.  So that leaves only $4,900 to help a village in my community fight disease, transmission of human waste into the crops/water and much more for years to come.

You can read more about the actual project here:

Now what I’m asking from all of you is to help me and my community! If you can donate anything, please do.  I know that everyone is busy and no one is made of money but any amount really does help.  Go without your Starbucks for a week, get an outfit at Goodwill instead of new or make dinner at home instead of going out and donate the difference!  Any amount- big or small- helps us to get to our end goal.  We can’t get started building until the grant is completely funded and its something I really want to get started on to ensure that it’s completed by my close of service May 2012 (a little over a year away!).

If you have any friends or family who you think might be interested in helping through donations please feel free to direct them to the donation page… The sooner this grant can be completely funded the sooner we can begin work on helping this community with their sanitation problem.

Take care and Shukran Bzzzzf (Thank you so much!)

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