Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Casablanca, Italy and Dads Visit!

As usual, lots to report, since I seem to never be able to find the time (or want to pull my hands out of the covers) to type up a blog report.  But today, although cloudy, isn’t too cold so I shall type up an entry!  

I’ll start with my amazing vacation I took!  I went with another PCV, Alexa, to Italy for Christmas to visit my dad but along the way I was able to meet up with a friend I went to school in Colorado with, who lives in Casablanca.  He was generous to let myself and Alexa stay with his family for the two nights before we flew out.  It was both of our first time in Casablanca and it was so great having such an amazing tour guide/friend in the city!  Here are some of the highlights of the trip: hanging out with Moroccan males like we would American friends, watching the boys play a soccer match, exploring the souk area of Casa, the amazing hospitality of Salahs family, the surprise they had when they saw our Carte de Sejours and discovered we really do live and function here in Morocco with our limited Tashlheet, going to visit Hassan II Mosque, finding an awesome restaurant with live music, Alexa getting an egg thrown at her (sorry Alexa, but this was, in fact, hilarious), drinks at TGIFriday, going out to a club in our day sweaters and riding in a CAR!  It was such a great trip to Casa, Thanks Salah!

After our wonderful pre-vacation Casa trip we were off to Italy to visit my Dad and Sandy (step mom).  They picked us up at the airport with Taco Bell (god bless their parents) and it was SOOO good to see them.  When we got back to the house we opened a bottle of wine and chatted the night away.  The next day we were off to Florence to celebrate Alexas birthday for two days (thanks dad!) and then back to dads house.  Alexa and I had sooo much fun doing laundry, taking showers, eating excessive amounts of food and drinking delicious adult beverages.  (you would think that was me being sarcastic, but its not--- it was amazing)  We also managed to fit in a trip to Vicenza to visit friends and a night out on the town in Aviano with old friends too.  It was SO amazing having a real Christmas with presents, a tree and delicious Christmas dinner with family.  After 11 days of being spoiled I returned home to pick up Lily and travel back to site.  By the time I was finally home, settled and unpacked I didn’t want to leave again for New Years so I celebrated quietly at home with some Velveeta, Mad Men and cuddled up with Lily.

After being home for about two weeks I also had my first in site visitor, MY DAD!  His flights ended up messing things up a bit, and he was stuck in Casablanca for an extra night (so I got to stay in a fancy hotel with towels, a tub and its own bathroom by myself- oh the little things!) but I picked him up and we hit the ground running (without his bag- thanks Royal Air Maroc) and headed to site.  It was a bit overwhelming for me, so I can only imagine how the trip went for him (hopefully he’ll type up his own blog soon and you’ll all get to hear what he thought!—hint hint dad!!)  But we hit all the important places, Host families’ house, land lords house and saw Souk.  I know my village really loved getting to meet my dad and it was so awesome finally getting to show someone from home this life/experience I’m having.  

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