Monday, March 1, 2010

Pre-Service Training

Hello wonderful blog readers!

I dont really have much to report today, but I have arrived and completed pre-pre service training here in Philly. There are 65 volunteers in training (both Health and Environment) headed to Morocco tomorrow evening. A few of us arrived here in Philly yesterday (Sunday). Most of us were starved so a couple of us (4 girls- Molly, Erika and Tiffany) grabbed a Philly Cheese Steak and called it a night. A group of us grabbed breakfast at an indoor market and then did some sight seeing: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Etc.)

After sightseeing was check-in/training began at 12. We had training until about 7 pm and it was SUPER helpful. We didnt get a lot of information but it was nice to know there were a lot of us feeling the same way (nervous, scared, etc) so it put everyone at ease. After training everyone split into groups: Steak dinner or Sushi dinner. Below is my choice :)

After dinner was a final beer and now here I am in the hotel enjoying the free internet and heated hotel.... With that I leave you with a picture of my two AMAZING sisters who I am so proud of, love so much and will miss more than they will ever know.

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  1. ANGELICA! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! im so glad you get to be involved in the incredible experience and you are such an amazing person! I hope the village your assigned to is prepared for you.... dont forget you period squeezer!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAH